Siyavula’s #1MillionMaths Challenge is Back this September

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Siyavula’s annual #1MillionMaths challenge is eagerly awaited by high school learners in South Africa, who are able to win prizes and recognition for their hard work in Mathematics and Physical Sciences. 

The competition, which started five years ago, challenged all high school learners to complete at least one million maths and science questions on the Siyavula platform in one month. Since then, the #1MillionMaths challenge has developed and grown, with almost 2,5 million questions completed on the platform in last year’s competition. 

Until now, the #1MillionMaths challenge has focused only on learners competing individually. This year, Siyavula is inviting teachers to enter the competition, so their learners can also compete as an entire grade or school. Schools will compete against one another, for the chance to be crowned South Africa’s Maths or Science School Champion for 2021. More importantly, by encouraging learners to compete together, teachers can use the competition to kick off preparation for end-of-year exams. 

Dr Mark Horner, Siyavula’s CEO, explains: “Good matric results in Mathematics and Physical Sciences can really open doors for learners after school. The #1MillionMaths challenge is a way of highlighting the importance of these subjects, and while learners may see it as a fun competition, there is serious intent behind it. If we want to fundamentally improve maths and science outcomes in South Africa, we need to show learners that success is possible. A platform like Siyavula puts learning directly in learners’ hands, allowing them to work at their own pace. It also gives teachers an easy way to track their learners’ understanding and progress.” 

“Grit and perseverance are key to success in Mathematics and Physical Sciences, and that’s what we want to reward on Siyavula. Our leaderboards are a key part of this: learners who get to the top of the leaderboards are those who have worked through the curriculum, mastering the content they need to excel. As part of the competition, we’ll be inviting these top learners to a final showdown at the end, where they’ll compete against one another.” 

Siyavula’s online platform covers the CAPS curriculum for Mathematics from Grade 8 – 12, and Physical Sciences from Grade 10 – 12. Questions that learners do are marked immediately, and each comes with a fully-worked solution, so it’s easy to see where mistakes have been made. 

The platform also hosts textbooks that are free to use, download, and print.

Siyavula’s #1MillionMaths challenge is supported and sponsored by MTN and UNICEF. 

“The MTN SA Foundation, through our partnership with Siyavula, aims to bring the power of technology and a connected life to those most in need. By bringing Maths and Physical Science learning and support to schools across the country we are creating the opportunity for students to be future-fit,” says Kusile Mtunzi-Hairwadzi, General Manager of the MTN SA Foundation. 

Any learner who wishes to join the #1MillionMaths challenge can sign up to Siyavula for free at 

This year’s #1MillionMaths video can be viewed here:

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