Internet Solutions to provide direct access to Google’s Cloud Platform

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Internet Solutions, a pan-African communications service provider, today announced it is a Google Cloud Interconnect (GCI) Partner and is able to offer Enterprise clients and small businesses a private connection directly into Google’s cloud platform, providing better network security, and a more consistent network performance than using the Internet.

Internet Solutions’ clients, enterprise size and smaller businesses, will be able to activate Google cloud services quickly via dedicated capacity through our CloudConnect product, eliminating issues of network congestion, and will benefit from low latency, high availability and predictable performance.

“Agile and secure network capabilities are critical in ensuring that as clients transition to using more and more services from multiple cloud providers, the full potential of cloud including speed of scaling and activating services, as well as commodity based billing and usage efficiencies are realised,” said Greg Montjoie, Executive: Connectivity, Internet Solutions.

Internet Solutions’ direct connections with multiple cloud service providers (Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Dimension Data) will enable Enterprise clients that choose a hybrid cloud strategy and host with Internet Solutions to move back and forth seamlessly between different cloud providers as demand requires. Organisations will be able to choose the services they require from their cloud-provider of choice and be able to scale up or down on demand via a reliable and secure connection.

“Enterprise clients are now looking to connect to more than one cloud provider for services and that we are now able to offer a direct connection to Google’s cloud platform, as well as to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Dimension Data cloud, means that clients have the choice they are looking for. Clients want to have access not only to the best cloud services available but be able to connect securely to all of them, and Internet Solutions can provide this access”, commented Montjoie.

As a GCI Partner, Internet Solutions can now boast that it provides secure VPN connectivity options to all major cloud platforms, offering Enterprise and smaller business clients a reliable and secure connection that will meet the demands of data intensive and latency sensitive cloud applications.

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